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My Story

Seekers are never lost...


Life has taken many twists and turns leading to a career as a therapist...  From a BA in Humanities, to an MBA, and eventually to an MA in Psychology.  After years in the business world, unexpected life events led me reconsider my own life choices and the life that I wanted for myself.  Choosing to forgo my career, return to school, and start a new life required me to dig deep into my courage, have faith, and risk the possibility of failure. 


My practice allows me to utilize all of my life experiences to support in the healing and growth process.  I find this work to be more of a calling than a job.  It is an honor to be trusted with clients' vulnerability and courage to look at themselves and do the hard work of creating change.

Becoming a therapist led me back to Montana, where I grew up, and I'm grateful to be home. When I'm not meeting with clients, I can be found enjoying the company of my dog, delving into creative activities, engaging in spiritual practice, enjoying the natural world, or spending time with friends and family.  

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